Social Media Marketing | Concise 

You may already have a Facebook page. Or a Twitter account. Or a LinkedIn profile, an Instagram account, a YouTube Channel and a SnapChat profile, but are you really making your online accounts work as hard as they can for you? A lot of companies see the value in being on social media, so they make a page or create an account. But then they discover they don’t have the time or staff to dedicate to one platform, much less multiple platforms! And that is where The Content Crafters come in. We can help you optimize social media, regardless of whether you have an established presence, or if you’re just starting out.

In today’s online world, it is important to be concise, consistent and continuous, so we start by creating a social media strategy that will get you the most out of what you already have. Or show you which platform you need to create an online presence on to reach your customers. Each customized strategy will give you a snapshot of the customers you will reach on each platform, because the same people who use SnapChat may not use LinkedIn.

Which leads us to Content Calendars, which we can also create and something we highly recommend for any social media marketing campaign. Each Content Calendar clearly lists out what topics your company should focus on over a specific period of time, and how that content should differ based on which platform it is shared on. It takes all the guesswork out of what to say to who and when.

And if you are a rock star and already have a social media strategy AND a content calendar, then The Content Crafters can simply take care of creating the content you want on the social platforms you identify. It’s really all up to you!